Jeremih's Late Nights: Like The Weeknd Without the Druggy and Pretentious Horseshit

There's no way I should tell you to be on the lookout for Jeremih. Dude made "Birthday Sex." His last hit had 50 Cent on it, and that dude has eardrums made out of tin. Again, he made "Birthday Sex." That's one way of looking at it, at least.

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The real reason I shouldn't have to tell you to be on the lookout for Jeremih is you should already be in love with him. With a single mixtape, the Chicago singer managed to resuscitate his reputation amongst knowing R&B fans, proving himself versatile, daring, smooth, and most importantly, just straight-up capable of creating great-ass music.

The mixtape in question is Late Nights, Jeremih's August offering that was --amongst those who gave it a chance -- one of the most beloved of 2012, showcasing a Jeremih that we'd seen only glimpses of on his first two albums, All About You and Jeremih. On those tapes he revealed himself to be a talented but derivative singer and songwriter, showing flashes of artists such as The-Dream, R. Kelly, Lloyd, and Raphael Saadiq. He scored hits, yes, but they were written off as piffle; mere flukes from a thin-voiced pretender who benefited from the same system that allowed Pitbull to eke out an existence in the glittery gutters of hip-house. In between 2010's All About You and his recent resurgence, however, something happened to Jeremih that happens to every actual artist: He ceased to sound like a mishmash of others, and instead began to sound like uniquely himself.

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