Kool G Rap Reveals He Used To Sell Crack Out Of A Key Food Supermarket

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Key Food apron not pictured

"Been through hard times, even worked part-time/ In a Key Food store, sweeping floors sometimes," rapped Kool G Rap back on 1989's golden era rap standard "Road to the Riches." So on a whim we asked Corona's gangsta rap godfather about the line. He obliged and regaled us with an anecdote that involves the dutiful worker introducing his own line of locally-sourced inventory to the store.

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On "Road To The Riches" you have a line about working in a Key Food supermarket. Was that true?
That was true.

Which Key Food store was it?
The Key Food store was in Brooklyn, off McGuinness Boulevard in Brooklyn. I was like 15-years-old working there and I was sweeping the floors. I was doing a little bit of everything: I was sweeping the floors; eventually I was stocking the shelves; I was getting all the shopping carts back. And then eventually I started selling a little bit of crack out of there!

When did you have the idea to sell crack out of Key Food?
I was doing it already outside of Key Food. Matter of fact, I was using the checks I got from Key Food to go by product. Then with one of my friends, we found a hotel they kinda converted to a Section 8 motel out in East Elmhurst, 'cause Corona's not that far form East Elmhurst. It was a hotel not far from LaGuardia Airport and it had been converted to like a Section 8 motel and we met somebody in there one time. Then we met some girls that lived in there and we started selling out of the apartment. I was working at Key Food at the same time so I started bringing some of my product to work with me and people would come by. I had a couple of customers that would come see me every day.

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