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City of Devils
This is one of our favorite sites for Los Angeles metal coverage. There is more of an emphasis on Eastside and stoner metal, but we're okay with that as we have been turned on to quite a few bands because of that emphasis. The site went without updates for about six months, but recently kicked back up again at the beginning of the year.

No Clean Singing
This site lives up to its name by covering all things with very abrasive vocals. Due to its focus, it is very proficient at discovering bands in the death, black and doom metal genres that may slip under the radar of the bigger websites. It has also picked up steam over the last year in terms of music premieres for said bands that are still building their buzz. This is a great site to get in on the ground floor with the heavy buzz bands of tomorrow.

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Despite what some metal elitists may hope, deathcore and metalcore are still things. Lambgoat straddles the lines between metal, hardcore, and punk in their focus. It is definitely worth paying attention to if you want to know what a lot of the newer metal kids are into, though their comments section is often just as horrifying as Blabbermouth's. If your favorite hardcore band has members die in a vehicular accident, don't bother looking here for comfort.

Metal Bandcamp
Bandcamp has become one of our favorite resources for sampling and purchasing new music. The interface is incredibly simple on both the user and supplier ends. That simplicity, however, has (much like the rest of the Internet), created a glut of crap to wade through to get to the gems. Once each day, Metal Bandcamp picks a band and attempts to steer you through the muck.

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