Sadat X's New Workout Plan (Or How To Work Off 9th Wonder's Mom's Famous Pie)

Sadat X
Editor's note: In Tweets is Watching, Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.

Sadat X notched his place in hip-hop history as part of the Brand Nubian crew who coined the tail-end golden-era classic One For All. Since then he's also dropped a string of fine solo projects, including '96's under appreciated Wild Cowboys and Love, Hell Or Right, which dropped late last year. Here's the rapper formerly known as Derek X dropping knowledge on his Twitter timeline, which includes gym etiquette, playing Sega with A.G., and 9th Wonder's mom's pies.

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You released the Trinity project this week, which involves you teaming up with A.G. and DJ Jab. It's a concept album. We did it kinda a while ago, it's not really new. I've been working with my man A.G. and it's a little more conceptual.

Can you remember the first time you heard A.G. rhyme?
Yeah, no doubt. I think it was in Rucker Park and I think he was with [Lord] Finesse. I'd been hearing about him 'cause we lived right down the block from him -- A.G. was in the Patterson projects and my family was in Melrose-Jackson [Houses] -- and my cousin would always tell me about this dude Andre The Giant. I remember hearing this little demo and then I seen him one day in the park and I was expecting to see some big dude! It was cool from there. I know A.G. from a long time back; we used to play Sega back in '90, '91.

Was A.G. any good at Sega?
Yeah, he was nice, definitely.

You've also been reminiscing over a pie 9th Wonder's mom makes. Yeah! My mother lives in Raleigh, and 9th Wonder's peoples is from down there and one time I called him up -- I think it was a holiday like Easter -- and he was like, "Come on over to the crib." I remember it was pies and cakes everywhere! This pie was some type of pie that was frozen -- you ate it cold. [Pauses] Ah, man! To this day I remember that pie, no question.

Do you know any other rappers' moms that make great pies?
Besides 9th's mom, that's about the best one I'd say.

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