The Ten Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 3/22/13

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After opening for P!nk on Friday, the Hives will give their own headlining performance at Irving Plaza on Sunday

The Hives
Irving Plaza
Sunday, 7pm, $32
Part of the aughts' garage rock revival trend, the Hives have built a sound at once pop radio catchy and hard rock sludgy. Mostly importantly for tonight, the band is best heard live, where vocalist Pelle Almqvist and guitarist brother Nicholaus Arson revel in their so-called "colorful idiocy" with stage antics that are as recognizable as their rotating wardrobe of black and white suits. -- By Sarah Madges

Garbage + IO Echo
Terminal 5
Friday, 8pm, $35/$40
It may take Shirley Manson & Co. an unusually long time to record a new album--most recently there was a seven-year gap between 2005's Bleed Like Me and the recent Not Your Kind of People--but whenever they do, Garbage always sounds more or less like Garbage (capital G). Not Your Kind has the big-box, memorably melodic choruses, the electronic-tinged backgrounds, and plenty of Ms. Manson's viscous vocals, and as they come up on their 20th anniversary, it's a refreshing reminder of how unique they were when their debut came out in 1995. -- By Kory Grow

The Meter Men w/ Page McConnell
Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom
Friday, 8pm, $49.50-$79.50
Three-quarters of original New Orleans funk legends the Meters are about all you'll experience in this lifetime. And so an opportunity to see Zigaboo Modeliste (drums), Leo Nocentelli (guitar), and George Porter Jr. (bass) kick out infinitely sampled tracks such as "Cissy Strut," "Look-Ka Py Py," and "Chicken Strut"--with more-than-adequately funky Phish keyboardist-vocalist Page McConnell replacing Art Neville--should not be shrugged off lightly. With the Main Squeeze and DJ Cochon de Lait. -- By Richard Gehr

Michael Formanek
Cornelia Street Cafe
Saturday, 9pm & 10:30pm, $10
It's architecture you notice first in the bassist's work, as his pieces are built on elaborate designs that steadily reveal their inner logic. Last year's Small Places is full of twists and turns that intrigue, rather than throw you aside, and his bands are populated by associates that know the terrain's topography, so grace is often in the air. -- By Jim Macnie

Alt-J + Hundred Waters
Webster Hall
Friday, 8pm, $20/$22
The psychedelic-tinged art rockers of Alt-J (whose name is the Mac keyboard stroke for a Greek delta sigil) won last year's U.K. Mercury Prize for their debut full-length, An Awesome Wave. Aside from the fact that songs like the twangy "Breezeblocks" and sparsely arranged "Fitzpleasure" are catchy and inoffensive, the real reason they deserve recognition is for their clever interpolations of prog-rock, folk, and highbrow minimalism, as well as oblique allusions to Where the Wild Things Are in the lyrics to "Breezeblocks" and Raphael's The School of Athens in their "Tessellate" video. Somehow, they pull it off. -- By Kory Grow

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