The Ten Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 3/8/13

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Norwegian hitmaker Bernhoft brings this haircut to Joe's Pub Saturday night

Bernhoft + Baby Alpaca + Cameron Hull
Joe's Pub
Saturday, 7pm, $20
In Norway, soulful Bernhoft is the country's top-selling artist, winning the nation's equivalent to a Grammy for his patchwork pop-rock. Part of the fascination is that he's a one-man band with an unusual approach to building songs--starting with a vocal loop here and some rhythmic tapping there--but what sets him apart from the Keller Williamses of the world is the fact that Bernhoft crafts unapologetically mainstream tunes in the vein of Lenny Kravitz or maybe Thicke. -- By Kory Grow

Victor Calderone
Saturday, 10pm, $20
Didn't get your fix when Danny Tenaglia headlined Pacha on Friday? Return today to see another Brooklyn boy, Bensonhurst's Victor Calderone, he of the many Madonna and Beyonce remixes, control the decks.

Small Black
285 Kent Avenue
Friday, 8pm, $10-$12
The synth-toting Brooklyn quartet Small Black sculpt sounds that owe equal debt to the melancholic melodies of darker new-wave groups (New Order, the Cure) and to the hazy burnout indifference of '60s psychedelic bands. The group's relaxed, gone-daddy-gone vibe originated in 2008 when one of its members recorded some songs above his uncle's Long Island surf house, which explains its "cool brah" vocal style and pleasantly crisp keyboard noodling. And though critics have lumped Small Black in with the rest of chillwave's blurry lo-fi synth softness (and they did in fact release a split with Washed Out), they have put out albums like 2010's New Chain that seem more genuinely pop-focused (and memorable) than that genre's cassette-dubbed clones. They have a new record due in May, forlornly titled Limits of Desire, so maybe tonight they'll give concertgoers a glimpse at the acid trip to come. With fellow fuzzy-sounding friends Heavenly Beat and Imperial Topaz, plus a DJ set by Beach Fossils. -- By Kory Grow

Naseer Shamma and Al-Oyoun Ensemble
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Saturday, 7pm, $25
Iraqi oud virtuoso Naseer Shamma brings his eight-member Arab chamber ensemble to the US for the first time in more than a decade. Which is a very good thing insofar as great players of the pear-shaped lute are not exactly a local staple. The Cairo-based performer, who founded the city's Arab Oud House in 1999, is also a Sufi practitioner and prolific film composer who dazzles within either sacred or secular repertoires. -- By Richard Gehr

The Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre
Friday & Saturday, 8pm, $50.99-$150.99
There are few New York traditions that unite Southern and experimental rock, jam band, jazz, and country fans under one roof, but the Allman Brothers annual Beacon run has become a rite of passage and pilgrimage for nearly a quarter century. They've grown older, perhaps wiser, and more stylistically deliberate, yet no amount of setbacks has stopped them from playing "Whipping Post" or Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" as the endless, escalating jam-based sermons that made their name. Their psychedelic, fractal-based light show hasn't changed since the '80s either, but a timeless period décor is typical of most religious institutions. -- By Aidan Levy

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