The Ten Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 3/15/13

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Coheed and Cambria take aim at Radio City Music Hall this Saturday night.
Here are the 10 best concerts to check out around the city this weekend, in no particular order.

Coheed and Cambria + Between the Buried and Me + Russian Circles
Radio City Music Hall
Saturday, 7pm, $35-$69.50
With seven concept albums that employ big riffs and frontman Claudio Sanchez's high register wail to chronicle a sci-fi epic adapted to comic book as The Amory Wars, Coheed is any emo geek's wet dream. Incorporating elements of Iron Maiden-type metal, Bad Brains-style punk, and Pink Floyd psychedelia, their songs, if a little heavy-handed, scramble today's standard pop-punk formula and inject new life into what some see as a stale genre. -- By Sarah Madges

Knife Party
Friday, 10pm, $25
I'm gonna be real with you: I'm not the biggest fan of every artist Pacha books. Knife Party, though? The cat's meow. That song they did with Swedish House Mafia? I personally have a prior commitment and thus can't make it to the show, but if, no, when they play that, I'll still be dancing. -- By Richie Vincenzo

SF Jazz Collective
Jazz Standard
Friday - Sunday, 9pm & 10:30pm, $15
The West Coast octet is a talent-heavy bunch that stumps for the power of repertory while also planting a flag for originality. At home last fall, their romp through Corea's hefty book was engrossing enough to maker Easterners jealous. This tour's book stretches from "Space Circus" to "La Fiesta," so there should be plenty room to move, solo-wise. -- By Jim Macnie

DJ /rupture + Very Be Careful + Colin L. Orchestra
Saturday, 8:30pm, $10-$12
An East Los Angeles quintet led by charismatically debauched singer-accordionist Ricardo Guzman, VBC transforms Colombia and Venezuela's mesmerizing and funky cumbia, vallenato, and parranda grooves into an urgent and hypnotic urban sufferah's sound that grabs your ass and doesn't let go. DJ Rupture (Jace Clayton), who recently wrote finito to his brilliant WFMU radio show, hits three decks with sublime digicumbia and much else. -- By Richard Gehr

Excision + Paper Diamond + Vaski
Best Buy Theater
Sunday, 9pm, $28.50
But like, think about it: [Hits joint] Skrillex, Jonathan Davis, Excision, Paper Diamond... dubstep is metal. Like, the new nu-metal. Deep right? -- By Chuck Crunkington

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