Ten GIFs of Ultra Ravers Shaking Their Shit

Categories: 2013

All photos by Jacob Katel
Welcome to Twerklandia.
Getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha freak on!

We all know that there are lots of ways to become immortalized at a massive outdoor music gathering like Ultra Music Festival.

Say, humping a tree. Or dancing naked while getting arrested.

But yo' momma would probably prefer if you lived forever among these top ten twerking, Harlem Shake-ing ravers at Ultra 2013 in animated GIF!

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10. Twerk Au Natural

Dancing to: Major Lazer

Now that's what you call air conditioning.

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Narcissists doing boring shit

Boz Hobbs
Boz Hobbs

Totally F'ed way to present a slideshow, people.

Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace

why should we care about this? The Village Voice has long lost is political relevance.


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