The Five Biggest Sellouts at SXSW

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Marco Torres
SXSW is not a music festival so much as it is an experiment in excess. In honor of the world's most bloated city this week, we present the five biggest sellouts at SXSW.

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1. Best Coast
Psh, I remember when you were all cool and tweeting as your cat. Now look at this, all done up in fancy lights and rock star hair with corporate logos behind you. HOW DARE YOU MAKE A LIVING???

2. The Gobbler Grill
No, seriously. They sold out of food. Although given that it looks like they were just giving it away, it seems like maybe they just don't have enough signs.

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Dramatization of a Megabus in Austin. They all look pretty much the same.
3. Megabus
It's a sweet deal, to be sure. If you're lucky enough to be within bus distance of Austin, you can eliminate the hassle of driving for the cost of a very cheap Megabus ticket. But do not assume you'll be the only genius with this idea. In fact, assume it does not take much of a genius at all to have this idea, and that you will end up spending four hours just about ass to ankles with an aspiring rapper/college student. Oh, and if you do take Megabus, please remember to bring a hearty supply of lollipops that you can loudly smack for the entire duration of the ride, thereby annoying the shit out of everyone around you.

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