The Men Play a Sold-Out Bowery Ballroom Tonight: Read Fun Facts That Didn't Make Our Cover Story

Carrie Schechter
Last week's cover boys the Men released their latest album, New Moon, on Tuesday. Tonight, the dudes take the stage of the Bowery Ballroom to a sold-out crowd. And even though we spilled thousands of words in ink about these guys, there's a bit that didn't make the story. Here now, lotsa lotsa handy tidbits about the Men.

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-New Moon was recorded over a two week period in the Catskills at a cabin in Big Indian, New York.

-Drummer Rich Samis designed New Moon's cover.

-The Webster Hall show in May came four days after the band returned home from recording in the Catskills. They played the majority of New Moon, and it was the first time most of those songs were played live.

-The band has another record nearly completed, and one that will further push them into the Americana realm.

-Open Your Heart was originally supposed to be a double album.

-Bassist Kevin Faulkner only recently became a full-time member, but played on both Leave Home and Open Your Heart.

-Faulkner also took the group's press photos for Leave Home because, before joining full-time, Faulkner worked as an assistant to music photographer Danny Clinch.

-Faulkner once took a ride on Bruce Springsteen's private jet with Clinch.

-In the cabin, the group set up the recording area in the living room with the sound and mixing area in a crow's nest that overlooked the room. Faulkner slept on the drum sound proofing material in the living room.

-They recorded three or four songs a day.

-One day, the band went to Woodstock to find some maracas, but according to Samis, "We couldn't find fucking maracas in Woodstock," which sounds like an episode of Seinfeld.

-"I Saw Your Face" and "Supermoon" were both recorded in one take.

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Bowery Ballroom

6 Delancey St., New York, NY

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