Top Five Anti-War Songs Ten Years After Iraq

3. The Offspring - "Baghdad"

These were the times of compilations and mobilizations like the Rock Against Bush whose first volume of collected songs included OC's own The Offspring and their song "Baghdad." Originally released in 1991 as the title track off an EP by the band, the offering, sadly, was all too relevant in 2004.

Key lyrics: "Soon America may find
/ Its young men in the sand / Where the casualty is just a number
/ In Iraq

2. Michael Franti & Spearhead - "Light Up Ya' Lighter"
Michael Franti & Spearhead's 2006 album Yell Fire was a powerful expression of protest music that inspired many. Franti himself spent time in Iraq for the effort and later made the documentary I Know I'm Not Alone partly about his visit there. The reggae-influenced "Light Up Ya Lighter" was exemplary and tried its best to infuse momentum into the peace movement.

Key lyrics: "So, come on, come on, sign up, come on / This one's nothing like Vietnam / Except for the bullets, except for the bombs, except for the youth that's gone."

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