This Week in Pop Videos: Robin Thicke! 50 Cent! Lil Wayne! More!

A look at the week's hottest pop clips, including the frolicsome ribaldry of Robin Thicke, the mansion malaise of 50 Cent and the insufferable wackness of Somethingorother Yacht Idiots.

Robin Thicke - "Blurred Lines"
A new Robin Thicke video could have been overlooked amid all this Timberlake mania, but this could be big. Here we have a tune and clip of legitimate boisterousness, with Robin Thicke affecting a vintage George Michael steez and T.I. and Pharrell frolicking and cavorting with half-naked models..

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Don't misunderstand: Pharrell and T.I. aren't just letting the models do the legwork. Pharrell is actually cavorting, and T.I. is frolicking. This may be your one chance of 2013 to see a rapper of his stature indulge in a genuine frolic, so don't pass it up. A toy car rolls down a woman's arched back; Robin eats ice cream; T.I. dances; at one point, Pharrell tells a goat that it's the hottest bitch in this place. This is about as good as pop imagery gets. Says a YouTube commenter: "the girls look sexy.. the guys look sexy, the beat is dope. everyone looked like they were having a blast!"

The video's only weakness is those big flashing #THICKE and #BLURREDLINES hashtags. They add some nice color, but in a few years they'll likely look as dated as the cyberspace virtual reality stuff in Aerosmith's "Amazing" video -- nobody uses Twitter in 2019, grandpa. Also, they block some important cavorting.

P.S. A certain type of sick individual might watch this video and wish for a version in which all the women were topless. I have some terrible news: such a thing exists, and it's every bit as disgusting as it sounds. Here's a link, in case you'd like to flag it for violations of YouTube's content guidelines or manually blacklist it from your browser.

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