Beavis and Butt-Head's Most Controversial Moments

Beavis and Butthead
Last month marked 20 years since Beavis and Butthead debuted on MTV. But with that anniversary came the news that the show won't be seen there anymore.

Fans have been petitioning for Comedy Central to pick it up. But if they do they might want to keep in mind the show's controversial history. After all, MTV made changes to a bunch of episodes after they aired and became reruns -- some were even taken out of circulation entirely. Here they are!

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5) "Heroes"
Original Airing: June, 30 1993

MTV's never been too hot on airing images of guns, so when (albeit animated) members of their target demographic spent an episode haphazardly firing them and taking down a commercial airplane in the process, it was promptly locked in the vault shortly after airing. Years later, MTV pulled the beloved "Incognito" episode due to the rash of school shootings. Unlike "Heroes," however, it eventually made its way back into rotation.

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Village Voice

Hey y'all, this should be fine now. Go to Butthead.

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D. Scott Gregory

broken link. looks at Error 404 page and says "come to Butthead"

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