BOYCOTT! Like Rick Ross, These Product-Endorsing Artists Have Said Vile Things

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Yesterday activists protested Reebok's flagship store to put pressure on the company to cut its ties with rapper Rick Ross, who recently ... well you already know this story. Whether or not the more than 71,000 signatures collected to get Ross fired will work remains to be seen, but Big Corporations don't typically hold up to this kind of outcry very well. Bill O'Reilly lead an outraged middle America to fire Ludacris back in the day for what O'Reilly considered lyrics glorifying drinking and driving. And, of course, who can forget the time the Caveman was fired from Geico for his song making light of arson?

The point is, protests and boycotts often work. Which got us thinking: What other famous product-endorsing artists have said something terrible? Turns out, quite a few. BOYCOTT!

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50 Cent

Companies He Endorses: Vitamin Water, Coca-Cola, and Reebok (Double Boycott!)

Vitamin Water may be delicious, but 50 Cent's lyrics aren't. Boycott!

Terrible Things He's Said:

"Ayo the bottom line is I'm a crook with a deal/If my record don't sell I'ma rob and steal." ("How to Rob," 1999)

"Man this ho you can have her/when I'm done I ain't gonna keep her/Man, bitches come and go/every nigga pimpin' know." ("P.I.M.P.," 2003)

"Look I don't have time to blow wit' a bitch shootin' the shit/ Now maybe you can loosen up and let me go to work/so I can whisper in your ear while pullin' down your skirt." ("First Date," 2012)

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Three things of poetic sailor talkin', 1) Verve, Vile, Verve, 2) No light, that's a mole, 3) Point home checkmate.


You might as well excommunicate Biggie, Jay Z, Tupac. Even righteous rappers like Tribe would get caught up in this dragnet. It never was a PC art form. Go back and listen to GMF's "The Message" again. "Spend the next two years as a undercover what?" 


Here's an endorsement for Rick Ross: 

On Wednesday, two teens were killed and two were hospitalized when a stolen Lexus they were riding in flipped over while being pursued by a local cop. One guy, who was thrown 30 feet from the car and had a crushed head, had a loaded 9mm pistol stuck in his pants. After the wreck was cleaned up, the reporter saw a Rick Ross CD on the ground at the crash site. 


yeah, but grandmaster flash wasn't an undercover cop selling his ass to the germans for pocket change that we can easily yank away  like ricky is.


@jillianobenoske @villagevoice Why? Rape and/or joking bout rape aint cool at all. Like not at all.

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