Fleetwood Mac - Prudential Center - 4/24/13

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Better Than: The idea of the band not reuniting this year at all.

It begins with "Second Hand News" -- a song with a title and lyrics probably meant to be a self-deprecating nod to the reunion's time and place. It's an entire arena clutching their hearts along to songs that are older than I am and mumbling "angel" with every golden twirl of Stevie Nicks' body.

It's a Fleetwood Mac concert in 2013, and it needs less explanation or apologies than one would think.

"This is all your fault," Nicks told the audience at the show's end, joking but stern. She was referring to the collection of moments that led to the very one we were experiencing right then. The dreams the band had become and the dreams the band lived thanks to the audience seeing their own dreams in the band's, or some magical through line similar to that one.

Until that particular monologue, the concert had been a compilation of greatest hits ranging the varied career of varied sounds that Fleetwood Mac enjoys and is still able to revel in with the conviction of an artist celebrating a particularly intimate new release. With "Second Hand News" followed immediately by "The Chain" and "Dreams," the opener could have easily been an encore with the feverish audience response they each elicited. A new track like "Sad Angel" was just as welcome to the repertoire, especially after the band revealed the upcoming short EP they will be releasing next week with a grand total of four new songs on it. They were equally sweet musical moments that brought Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham's incomparable stage chemistry to the forefront.

This chemistry between the two -- famous for many reasons -- was a beautifully endearing element to the overall performance. Providing anecdotes to the histories of songs like "Without You" and "Say Goodbye," each serving as an emotional antithesis to the other, were loving and intimate. They came back onstage for the encores holding hands and braided their voices together in a stunning, velvety manner. One front row fan handed them a vinyl album slip with a cover featuring a young, half-naked version of them. Nostalgia seemingly floated through their eyes.

In a show that was meant to be nothing but highlights, and delivered as such, the moments that catapulted themselves to the forefront were truly surreal. "Big Love," a Buckingham solo, was mesmerizing with the guitarist's impassioned and hypnotic finger-picking. Nicks still has it, and sounded flawless during "Rhiannon" and "Gold Dust Woman" as she wailed away with her signature raspy-but-smooth voice. During the latter, the singer came onstage with a shimmering gold shawl and created the illusion of golden wings as the song faded out.

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A few corrections:

- "Sisters of the Moon" should be between "Tusk" and "Sara."

"The World Keeps Turning" is actually called "World Turning."

"Without You" is a new song.

"Say Goodbye" is from 2003's Say You Will album, so it's not new, as others have already mentioned.

Vh Hurtado
Vh Hurtado

I saw them in concert at El Paso, TX in 1977!


Say Goodbye is not a new song. It is on 2003's Say You Will. Also, the song during which Fleetwood had his drum solo is called World Turning.


I saw them in concert in 1979 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. I wish they had the same sound equipment from then on their current tour. It's hard to describe the huge system they had. The bass for instance moved through my entire body like a wind. The current bass system collided with your chest and heart not the same at all. Current system is very loud with unkind distortion on vocals. Where can I find a discussion of their touring sound equipment systems?

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