Green Day - Barclays Center - 4/7/13

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As someone who had also seen Green Day as a gateway to a world of punk music, it was impossible not to scream along and smile as they blasted through a series of songs that have lyrics impossibly embedded in my memory and feel pride as they capped off the set with an encore featuring the first two tracks off the album that ignited a new generation of kids desiring to learn that history Billie Joe wants to open doors to, American Idiot. They chose not to end with the classic "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"--instead, the house lights went up, they left the stage, and we were left with the remains of "Brutal Love" to help us conjure up some parting metaphors.

Critical Bias: The year 2006.

Overheard: An entire arena screaming along to "Bohemian Rhapsody" as it played right up until the lights faded out for Green Day's set.

Random Notebook Dump: After years of hearing my family make fun of how often Billie Joe mentions the name of whatever city or state he's in during a show, it's difficult to not notice the frequency "HELLO BROOKLYN" came out of his mouth.


99 Revolutions
Know Your Enemy
Stay the Night
Stop When the Red Lights Flash
Oh Love
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Welcome to Paradise
Geek Stink Breath
Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
When I Come Around
Going to Pasalacqua
Highway to Hell/Brain Stew
St. Jimmy
Basket Case
King for a Day
Shout/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/Hey Jude


American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Brutal Love

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