A$AP Ferg Wants Harmony Korine to Direct His Next Video

A$AP Ferg

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A$AP Ferg is gearing up for the release of his Trap Lord mixtape, which should build on the success of his anthem-in-the-making "Work" and establish him as the second break-out star of Harlem's A$AP Mob. Ahead of that project's release, we checked in with Ferg and got him to talk about hooking up with older heads Onyx and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, how he'd love to collaborate with Harmony Korine, and why whoever stole his first bike should still protect their neck.

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You've posted up the official cover art to Trap Lord. What can people expect from the mixtape?

It's gonna be dope. I got the Bone Thugs on there, I got Onyx on there, I got Schoolboy Q on there, I got Trinidad James on there. I got a lot of good friends on there. And sonically it's gonna change the world.

So is it going to sound different from the A$AP Mob music people have heard so far?
Oh, definitely. I got a song called "Reynolds" that's crazy and that's gonna tear the streets up. Then I got a joint from Very Rvre that's stupid and I got the "Work" remix with [A$AP] Rocky, Schoolboy Q and Trinidad James. I got a joint from Clams Casino on there also. That's my first time working with Clams.

What was it like to work with Clams Casino?
He's dope, he's a musical genius so it was really him sending me the beat and I did my thing to it then in the back room he did a couple of extra things to it. Then one love, we got magic!

How did Onyx end up on the mixtape?
It's crazy 'cause I wanted to work with them and they wanted to work with me. My engineer, Hector, he hooked it up; he hooked me up with Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz while I was out in L.A. He went on tour with them and was their DJ and produced for them, so that was iconic. As soon as I came up with the idea to do a song with them he was like, "What? I used to tour with those guys! That's like my brothers!" The day after Onyx came through, Bone Thugs came through!

What's the song with Bone Thugs like?
Bone Thugs is like a little bit of new school with a little bit of that old school Bone Thugs flavor. Bizzy Bone went crazy, Flesh-N-Bone and his brother went stupid on there, they're definitely doing the double-time rap flow on there. It's insane. People are gonna hear it, it's insane! It's like the old swag of Bone Thugs with a new take on it.

Does Trap Lord have a release date yet?
I don't want to give out dates and keep disappointing fans. It's coming out ASAP though, I'll say that.

What's the story behind the picture of you and Nigel Sylvester?

Nigel is a very good friend of mine. He actually built me a bike 'cause I'm very nice on the bikes and BMX riding. He's one of the guys that's within the culture of BMXing and he does it well. That's one of my homies, we always hang out.

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Where about can people catch you riding your bike?
Well, I usually ride BMX bikes but today I rode a dirt bike, ha ha! That was fun as shit. It was illegal though so I had to be careful.

Are you any good on a BMX?
Oh, I'm nice on the BMX!

What was the first bike you had as a kid?
The first bike I had was a Mongoose. It was royal blue and I had a fender, like a back tire fender on it. [Pauses] It got stolen.

Did you find out who took your bike?
Hell no. If I do I'ma break their neck.

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