The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Week, 5/20/13

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Mariah Carey will bring the #beautiful to Central Park on Friday morning
Need plans? Check out any of these 10 shows around the city this week.

Mariah Carey
Central park, Rumsey Playfield
Friday, 7am, free
Is it that Mariah Carey's abnormally lucky, or that she's got a career mojo that just won't quit? Neither, I'd argue: Her career longevity is directly connected to her collaborative savvy, ability to nimbly surf pop trends, and the best cosmologists and stylists Daydream royalties can buy. Even with her trademark melisma succumbing to something huskier, Mimi's still capable of convincingly co-selling a dewy summer trifle like "#Beautiful," with Miguel. Here's hoping she flounces and chirps eternally. Part of the Good Morning America summer concert series. -- By Raymond Cummings

Majical Cloudz + Gobby
The Glasslands Gallery
Tuesday, 8:30pm, $10/$12
With a name like Majical Cloudz, you go in expecting horizon-leveling psychedelic hijinx, cocks on socks, general mayhem. Then you actually get a whiff of what Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto cook up in Montreal, and it's of a distinctly more intimate nature: high-impact atmospheric minimalism married to archly conversational vocals that exist somewhere between Stephen Merritt, Arab Strap, and Morrissey. There's a watercolor or wallpaper thinness to this music, for a while, until there suddenly isn't--everything congeals perfectly, and tunes like "Turns Turns Turns" seem like they've always been a part of you. -- By Raymond Cummings

Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins
Brooklyn Bowl
Tuesday, 8pm, $10
Some of the best music collaborations happen between spouses. A natural passion manifests itself in their music and creates something magical. Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins bring that spark to their soulful sound and will celebrate it on their new album The Lighthouse. On the date of their album release, the husband-wife duo will bring a little bit of their magic to the Brooklyn Bowl. -- By Brittany Spanos

Friend Roulette + EULA + Matty Fasano
The Mercury Lounge
Thursday, 9pm, $10
This Brooklyn six-piece make orchestral, sweeping compositions sound as simple as lullabies. Chamber pop riddled with baroque elements and unlikely rhythms, their sonics swing from ghostly croons straight into robotic bleeps. Throughout it all--strings, brass, two drummers and two vocalists--Friend Roulette gamble they can pull off the juxtapositions, and believe it or not, they manage it. -- By Caitlin White

Taylor Mac
Joe's Pub
Tuesday, 7pm, $7
The joyously flamboyant Brechtian who starred in the Foundry's Good Person of Szechwan (returning to the Public this fall, fwiw) has been workshopping pieces of his forthcoming "24-Hour History of Popular Music," with tonight dedicated to the sounds of the 1780s. Toss your tricorner hat up in the air and expect provocative analyses of the decade's hits, potentially embarrassing (yet mandatory) audience participation, fabulous outfits, and some great music rendered in meaningful, if surreal context. -- By Richard Gehr

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