Havoc of Mobb Deep: "Donald Trump is Like a Biggie to Me!"

Lloyd Banks also features on 13, right?
Yeah, if I could I would do a whole album with Banks, you know, but while I was making this album having Lloyd Banks on it was something I wanted to make happen. I reached out to him and he reciprocated.

You wished him a happy birthday on Twitter. Did you get him a present?
No, ha ha. My present was wishing him happy birthday. But I don't even buy myself things for my birthday, I'm boring.

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Where did you pose with Kid Ink?
>I was doing Rap Fix with Sway one day and he happened to be there with Wyclef and, you know, this is the age of Instagram so he wanted to take pictures and I was cool.

Are you likely to produce for Kid Ink in the future?
I would say definitely. Well, if he likes the track I'd give him. [Pauses] I'd give him a hardcore, Mobb Deep, Queens-style beat.

Finally, who's the most entertaining person you follow on Twitter?
I'd have to say Trump. And I don't like him.

Why don't you like him?
He's down with the 1%, but he's just really entertaining. Donald Trump is like a Biggie to me!

If you had the opportunity, would you want him to do ad-libs on a Havoc beat?

What would you have Trump saying?
Havoc, you're fired!

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