Juicy J - Irving Plaza - 5/15/13

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Better Than: DJ Paul's barbecue sauce (just kidding).

These days, it seems that Juicy J's renaissance is having a renaissance. With his group Three 6 Mafia stagnating, the man born Jordan Michael Houston took a single rap line--"You say no to drugs, Juicy J can't"--and turned it into a mantra, a veritable cottage industry. Juicy J took that well-earned Oscar and transformed into half unhinged hip-hop id, half apostle of turning up, tuning in, and dropping out. These days, he's got a Top 40 hit in "Bands a Make Her Dance," is signed to Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang, just landed on the cover of The FADER, and is pretty much going for broke with this whole "We Trippy Mane" thing, playing the role of mainstream rap's drunk uncle that we all love, but are secretly worried isn't going to make it to retirement age. What I'm trying to say, I guess, is that Juicy J's merch table was selling souvenir Styrofoam cups, and the bar was selling nutcrackers for $5 a pop.

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Of course, there has always been a distinct whiff of ridiculousness to everything Three 6 Mafia did, from the cartoonish death-chants of their early days to the beautifully absurd juxtaposition of music and lyrics in "Pussy Got Ya Hooked" to the fucking VH1 reality show that the group starred in (shouts out to Sugafoot forever, though). But while Three 6 Mafia are some of the chief architects of latter-day hip-hop on the underground, overground, and Internet-ground, Juicy J seems primarily concerned these days with getting fucked the fuck up, or at least commanding others to like some sort of rap Hold Steady.

Taking the stage to an audience-wide chant of, "TURN UP," repeated with the sort of cadence usually reserved for frat dudes mindlessly compelling each other to shotgun beers, Juicy immediately proved the real reason why he's had such a strong comeback: you can sing along to basically any Juicy J song, regardless of whether or not you know the words. He's reduced himself to catchphrase rap about sex, drugs, and rap music, all chanted in a half-mumble that's easily mimicked. Even if you don't know what Juicy is actually saying, he's still probably going to say the words "trippy," "turn up," and "SHUTTHAFUCKAHHHHHP!!!" and that's good enough for most people. In his second era, Juicy J seemed genuinely surprised and even downright touched that people even knew that he was in Three 6 Mafia, underselling "Stay Fly" by introducing it as if he thought it were a deep cut, and taking such classics as "Slob on My Knob" and "Sippin' On Some Sizzurp" and only playing their hooks, which bolsters my theory that Juicy J is now catchphrase rap to the fullest.

For all his blustery talk of intoxication, it became quickly evident that Juicy J wasn't that fucked up. He performed with a precision that reminded you he's been doing this for longer than some of the audience had been alive, and he hid his (presumably too lucid-looking) eyes behind a pair of those big, bug-eyed sunglasses you can buy at a Duane Reade that are usually only worn by old people who want some sunglasses to wear over their regular glasses.

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