We Interviewed Some Bob Marley Quote Posters About the EDM Remix of His Greatest Hits

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On June 25th, the already delicate spine of American music culture may be shattered forever. Bob Marley & the Wailer's Legend is getting an EDM makeover. Read that again if need be. Bob Marley & The Wailer's Legend--the quintessential album for mild, moderate, and severe reggae addicts--is getting a total EDM remixing. Seriously. With DJs ranging from Pretty Lights to eldest-son Ziggy Marley handling Bob Marley's most classic classics, it seems the only person adequately fit to respond to news of the album's imminent release is the man in dreads himself.

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Bob Marley, there are plenty of "greatest hits" albums critically considered to be just as classic and noteworthy as yours that are available for EDM DJ's to shamelessly remix and destroy. False idols like Elvis and The Beatles come to mind. Why do you think the EDM genre singled out Legend for mutilation, and do you think your musical legacy will be injured in any way because of it?


Bob Marley, thank you for such an insightful and graceful response. And this brings me directly to my next question--doesn't all of this darken the memories you have of producing the songs that appear on Legend? Or does the nostalgia, warmth, and purity of soul you possess help ease the pain?


Bob Marley, I am so sorry that my generation has given you these bad thoughts. I will do my best to personally correct what has been wronged. But I'm interested to know what you think about EDM and the culture of hard drug and alcohol consumption that surrounds it. Has it been painful for you to watch your songs of universal love and peace become part of a self-destructive and neon-colored musical landscape?


Bob Marley, that is very noble of you. I cannot fathom another performer with your clout so willing to face the daunting future--sorry, reality--of our times. I know that you will no doubt combat this reality in the loving and gentle way that only you know how. But in the meantime--how have you been able to stay so optimistic despite the infiltration of new and undesired music into your classic songs?


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