Chrisette Michele Wants You to Propose to Her on Vine

Chrisette Michele
Newly Brooklyn-based R&B chanteuse Chrisette Michele released her fourth studio album last week. Titled Better, the project is headed up by the sultry slow-jam single "A Couple Of Forevers." As she gears up to smile for the cameras for the album's promotional push, we asked Michele about some of her timeline highlights--her love of Chili's sweetcorn, the punishing Album Release Jitters Workout, and fans who keep proposing to her on Twitter.

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How was opening for Mary J. Blige?
Fun! I kept joking on stage that I had brought on my best pair of leather pants just to make sure that I was dressed correctly for Mary.

When did you first get into Mary J. Blige's music?
I was with my cousin who happens to be named Chrisette Michele too and it was years ago and she was playing her first album. I must have been like nine-years-old. I remember her voice just had that passion and honesty in it. I was attracted to the truth that you can feel in her voice and her songs.

Which of her songs would you most likely perform at karaoke?
Probably "Not Gon' Cry," just so I can be a drama queen and overdo it.

Do you have any drama queen tendencies yourself?
Yeah, on my last album cover I definitely had on like two inches long eye-lashes. That was pretty dramatic.

Where did the Vine video with the sweetcorn take place?
We were at Chili's! It was me and my band. I love their corn! All their sides are delicious.

Do they do anything special to the corn?
You know, they put, I guess salt, and pepper on it. I don't know why it's so good! It's always sweet, so maybe it's really sweet corn kernels that are sweeter than normal. Or maybe they poison it with some addictive chemical.

If you endorsed Chili's, what would you say?
Man, I can't say anything about baby-back ribs, can I? I'd go with something like, "I want my freakin' sweetcorn!"

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