Everyone's Covering "Get Lucky," Some Better Than Others

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If the world has learned anything at all this summer--besides what's in your online browsing history, thanks NSA!--it's that Random Access Memories by Daft Punk is perfection in a digital bottle and it's impossible for anyone to stop singing their its breakout hit "Get Lucky." Established and aspiring artists alike have plagued the Internet with renditions that range from terrible to bearable. But luckily, there are some really good ones out there too. And luckily for you, we've assembled the best right here in one lucky place. Talk about getting lucky! Lucky.

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Daughter exists solely to prove any song with lyrics can be transformed into a devastating wave of emotion that leaves you spiritually crippled without hope of recovery until you make that therapist appointment you've been putting off for days or weeks or years. That's why she has the best cover of "Get Lucky" ever.

Jess Greenberg gives a fearlessly ferocious acoustic guitar rendition of "Get Lucky," showing off impressive technical skills and an even more amazing vocal range.

George Barnett is the man behind (or in front?) of the most-viewed cover of "Get Lucky" on YouTube, and it's easy to see why. Barnett tackles the song from as many angles and in as many layers as possible with an unmatched energy.

Gavin James proves that indie-Irish-rock'n'roll-soul-funk is apparently a thing now with his fuzzy but lovely version of "Get Lucky."

The jazzy piano playing and deep mournful voice of Cat Kiara Wright makes this "Get Lucky" cover unlike any other. It also makes me want to pretend my life is a film noir while listening on repeat.

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