Questlove Extras: Leftover Quotes and Anecdotes From This Week's Cover Story

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This week's cover story is an in-depth look at one of music's most talented and intelligent, Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson of the Roots. It's a great longread, if we do say so ourselves. (Check it out). And it could've been much longer. As writer Jenna Sauers discovered, Quest is full of insight and anecdotes. Here, we present a couple of each that didn't make the story.

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On Michaels Jackson and Jordan:
"The two greatest beneficiaries of the post-VCR age, in my opinion, are Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan. Michael Jackson for the fact that you now were able to document his dancing, and watch it over and over again and commit it to memory, which sort of gave way to Usher and Justin and the post-Disney set of the late 1990s. They benefited from watching Motown 25, and rewinding it, rewinding, rewinding, and studying it. Dru Hill, Sisqo, all those guys. And Michael Jordan, you know, he was a viral innovator before the age of viral videos. Pre-YouTube, he was the king of the highlight reel."

On the time former Root and current felon Scott Storch took him to a dinner party where he was one of only three black guests. The other two were Busta Rhymes and O.J. Simpson. Sauers and Quest were in his Mercedes, and his memory was triggered after they drove by a parked Lamborghini on MacDougal Street:
"Scott Storch had that car. He picked me up me one day and he wanted to stop by a friend's party to say happy birthday. I walk in, it's like four long tables, kind of the equivalent--it's like a replica, four times over, in a square, it's the mafia version of the Last Supper. And there's only three black people there. Me, Busta Rhymes, and O.J. Simpson. It was the most surreal night of my life. 'Cause the first thing O.J. tells Busta is 'Yo, remember how like Bob Dylan made the Hurricane for Hurricane Carter? I need y'all rappers to do that for me.' And then, a couple of drinks later, it was just deeper--the more he drank, the more he was like ... I said, 'Scott, is he about to say something that could get us in trouble? Did he just admit to...? We gotta get out of here.' But, yeah. We got there in Scott's Lamborghini, which I'm sure he does not have now."

Did he say anything incriminating?
"He didn't. And I've been in situations in which I've met a lot of controversial figures. And rule number one is you just act like--it's like the elephant in the room, you don't mention certain things. But deep into the dinner, I think he mentioned like Chris Darden's name. He knew Scott Storch's brother from, like, Gaslight or something. Before he was all easy banter, like, 'Yeah, I used to have my hair like that,' you know, that type of thing. But five drinks in he was just wide open. Just talking, recklessly."

That must have been a very strange night.

"You know, if someone asks me, like, who would play me in a movie, I would want my movie to be kind of like Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth. With five separate stories, told in vignettes. In my movie I'd have animated recreations of at least 20 of those situations. At least 20."

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