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Kanye West surprised and disappointed many fans (and non-fans) last week after releasing the very stark CD cover art for his controversially-named newest album, YEEZUS. After a string of album covers featuring broken hearts, flying cartoon bears, and film-noir doorway stances, we celebrate Kanye's new appreciation for minimalism. And we celebrate the rejects too, which Kanye was nice enough to sketch out and send to us via gold-plated, diamond-encrusted carrier pigeon. But that pigeon was a dove. And that dove was in the Illuminati. Praise YEEZUS

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Rejected for being too obvious of a graphic representation of Kanye West's recent personal and artistic self-destruction. Bookmarked for future Baby West to play with later. Mentally tattooed on the hearts of millions in remembrance of.

Rejected for being slightly too modern and unidentifiable with the unchanging grimaced palette that is the face of Kanye West. Also rejected for being too much of a homage to the reactions of Kanye West's fans and critics upon learning the name of his newest album. It's about YEEzus, not YOUzus (or Drakezus).

Rejected for misunderstanding the meaning of "YEE." Almost selected for the shameless exploitation of the largest religion in the Western world. Ultimately rejected again because Kanye's head would not fit on top of the crucified asthmatic inhaler.

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