Sisters Charlene and Liann Kaye Are the Perfect Musician/Video Director Team

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Between "Skin and Bones" and "Animal Love II," the videos directed and produced by Liann for the music written and performed by Charlene show significant growth and heightened ambition. As Charlene moved on to an edgier glam sound after her folk-pop beginnings, Liann's own skill and abilities as an artist have seen her experiment with ideas and mediums in an attempt to tackle more complex themes. To properly complement a song about "[extracting] heartbreak physically from one's body," as the song's composer succinctly explains, Liann brought in an array of historical notions on the subject to help dissect the thought. "I think this video is part ghost story, part mad science experiment," explains Liann. True to her words, Liann stuck her sister as the video's star in a mental hospital surrounded by masked nurses outfitted with beaked plague doctor masks from the 1700s bought in Italy by art director Marguerite Woodward. The nurses force Kaye's character to watch memories of herself and a former lover in happier times with the goal, says Charlene, of "being tortured by that for the purpose of processing [the memory] then ridding myself of it."

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Liann Kaye on the set of "Animal Love II"

For now, collaborating on more music videos isn't currently on the roster of upcoming projects for the sisters. Well over a year since Animal Love was released, Charlene is focusing on writing after touring with Alexz Johnson in the spring and opening for Darren Criss on recent East Coast stops of his tour. Since her 2008 debut, the singer has been experimenting with all the sounds and melodies that are floating in her head. Currently, she's explored a much more electronic writing process inspired by Swedish duo Niki and the Dove. "I still want all the songs to be personal and meaningful but also married with this new, interesting production," she says.

While it may take some time before she releases new music, the promise of a reinvented sound is thrilling in terms of not only Charlene's impressive artistry, but the very capable eye of her sister as music video director. "She's the one person in the world I feel like I can drop my hands completely and trust that the final product will be awesome, great," says a proud Charlene. "Knowing how she thinks and knowing that we have worked together in the past to make things that we have been really inspired by and proud of kind of lends to that peace and trust." With that, "Animal Love II" does more than convey its inherent idea of exiting the tunnel of romantic infatuation and offers a glimpse of the light at the tunnel's end better known as the possibilities of what's to come from the creative minds of the Kaye sisters.

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