This Is What An Exclusive Album Listening Party With Dream Theater Looks Like

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Last night at Germano Studios (676 Broadway) Long Island prog metal heros Dream Theater held what they billed "an intimate playback" of their new, self-titled album. The evening promised an introduction and discussion of the album with members of the band, who would also be in attendance. Oh, and free Hor D'oeuvres. Naturally, we went.

The album, out in September, is the band's 12th, and it features a couple firsts. It's their first self-titled record, and last night was the first listening party they've ever hosted in advance of a release. "We want to illustrate that the best is yet to come," said keyboardist Jordan Rudess before the listening commenced. "There's no better way to illustrate that than to self-title an album."

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Dream Theater hold a significant place in the colorful history of metal. Founded by three Berklee music school dropouts (guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and former drummer Mike Portnoy), it was one of the first--if not the first--bands to combine heavy metal with progressive rock.

As audience member (and Meek Is Murder drummer) Frank Godla succinctly put it, "Before Dream Theater, there was just prog and metal." All prog metal bands, from Meshuggah to Mastodon, that have emerged since owe at least a tip of the hat to Dream Theater.

So how's the album? Here's what we can tell you about last night.

Guitar Porn


We'd be lying if we said we knew all the specs on these premium axes, but we're pretty sure guitar aficionados will appreciate them. ("Yummy" was how one gearhead friend described this photo.) These weren't used last night, but they were sitting pretty next to the following...

Bucket o' Wine


Speaks for itself. There was also a bucket o' beers and a nice snack spread, complete with mini falafel pitas, among other goodies.

The Band

Twenty-eight years strong.


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