Funniest Lil B 4Knots After Party Moments (VIDEO)


This year, the SOLD OUT 4Knots Music Festival after party was headlined by none other than (Based) God. As expected, Lil B and his apostles did not disappoint when it came to bringing the noise, and brought a total lack of regard for normal human conduct to the Music Hall of Williamsburg, rushing the stage in droves and appropriately worshipping at the altar of their King. Check out the three funniest moments I caught on my iPhone.

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Lots of rules were broken during the after party. But The Greatest Rule Breaker of the Night Award has to go to this young man in white who was brave enough to crash Lil B's stage first and, consequently, receive the most intense (and graceful?) boot-off of the night.

Lil B's gotta lotta love for the ladies of the world. He's got so much love for them that he forgot he had just somersaulted a dude into the crowd for crashing his stage and invited "girls, ONLY girls" to come on up and dance with him. But unfortunately for Lil B -- and the sober members of the audience (HA JK! Whaast sossrbre?!) -- he neglected to specify the age range of the ladies that he loves... so ENTER Clearly Underage Girl In Green With Major Twerking Skills! (and an uncomfortable Lil B singing "Okay!" more like a question than a chorus).

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