We Know What Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake Did Last Summer

Today and Saturday, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake take the stage at Yankee Stadium for their Legends of Summer tour. While they're both certainly living legends in their own right, it's interesting to look back on how truly different both Hov and Timberlake's summers have been over the years, and yet both paths lead to this weekend's shows. Let's take a look back at 20 years of summer fun for the two.

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Original Flavor featuring Jay-Z "Can I Get Open" 1993

The Mickey Mouse Club: Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling meet Xscape 1993

We all had to start somewhere. For some of us, it's kicking quick-tongue 5% doctrine on the corners of Brooklyn. For others, it's singing the classics at Disney MGM Studios. While Jigga had been putting out singles since 1986's "HP Gets Busy," his first major appearance (no, "Hawaiian Sophie" doesn't count) was joining Original Flavor for the fun cult classic "Can I Get Open." It's hard to believe the "J-kickin-the-A-rippin-it-way-past-Y," while dope, would go on to be one of rap's biggest trendsetters. It's a little easier to fathom the pint sized enthusiastic Timberlake growing up with our nation's teens and later stealing all of our hearts on Saturday Night Live.

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Jay-Z - "Hard Knock Life" 1998

N*SYNC - "Tearin' Up My Heart" on TRL 1998

The summer of '98 saw both Timberlake and Jigga beginning their ascension into full-blown pop superstardom. As the primary dreamboat of N*SYNC, Timberlake lead his group into scoring their first monster North American hit in "Tearin' Up My Heart." This coincided with the rise of MTV's Total Request Live, allowing the pendulum of pop music to swing into the hands of teenagers with access to phones and AOL Keyword: MTV. Also appearing on the TRL countdown was Jay-Z, whose Annie sampling "Hard Knock Life" had managed to crossover to a pop audience without even trying to crossover, making his album Vol 2...Hard Knock Life become the biggest selling of his career.

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