Overheard at 4Knots Music Festival

Rachell Morillo
Music festivals are great days to hear some wonderfully absurd and life-altering shit, and 4Knots was no exception. But we're not talking about music, we're talking about you. The most vibrant of verbal characters came out loud and proud (but mostly really, really loud) this weekend to drop lots of language gems on the world. Here are some that we were lucky enough to catch in our satchel.

"Every moment is an aerobic opportunity."

"Your Croatian friends blew it today."

"Have you even left the boat?"

"It's a little ditty about gentrification. Something New York City knows a lot about." - Fat Tony

"Have you seen the one where they pulled the cockroach out of Lady Gaga's pussy?"

"I'm drunk!" - everyone on the VIP boat.


"I don't know this band, but I heard they do a lot of coke so I'll stick around."

"Apparently the VIP badges also came with bitch ass masks."

"Everyone who rode a Citi Bike here should have to walk back home."

"That cell phone charging station just saved my entire life."

"She just told me that only one of the soap dispensers in the mall bathroom works so don't hold any lady parts today, bro."

"Kurt Vile's hair is more majestic than a unicorn's mane."


"If Titanic had more than that one sad string quartet the end of the movie would've been funner."

"There are so many cute babies and dogs and I honestly don't know who I'd try to save first if we all had to swim for our lives."

"Bitch looks like a cyclops with that camera on her head."

"There's a difference between a coke-head and a COKE-head. Stay away from the COKE-heads."

"Yo! The girl who the dude on the VIP boat accidentally pee'd on got to go on the VIP boat for free. I wonder if the girl in the R. Kelly video got anything for free."

"He has a TATTOO of a compact cassette. That's so much doper than my iPhone case."

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