The 10 Least Self-Aware Lines in Drake History

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Drake is perhaps the first person in human history to enjoy the benefits of being both a successful, critically acclaimed popstar, and a bona fide human meme. He's a performer who shifts from angry, over-the-top braggadocio to desperate, doubting, melancholy croons. He's either coolly assured in his sexuality or skeptical if he'll ever find someone who loves him back. Drake's a contemplative guy, and despite his ridiculously privileged life, he's always eager to talk about his feelings with a rare, inscrutable sincerity. It's a quirk that's given us a lot of great songs, and a lot of befuddling lyrics. There may never be a popstar as gleefully un-self-aware, than Aubrey Drake Graham.

With that in mind, and "All Me" in the background, we decided to pay tribute to his growing legacy, by ranking what we feel are the 10 least self-aware lines in the history of Drake.

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10. "I never cheated for the record back when I was with you, but you believed in everything but me girl I don't get you" - "Shot For Me"

For a guy whose entire career has been partly defined by grimy tales of exploitive women, strippers, groupies, and pretty much anything else he's put his penis in, Drake seems strangely mystified that his ex-girlfriend is a little suspicious of his fidelity. I mean you say that she "believed in everything but me," but if she believed you, she'd believe that you had sex with your babysitter.

9. "Just as a reminder to myself, I wear every single chain even when I'm in the house" ­- "Started From the Bottom"

This is secretly one of the most depressing lines in the entire Drake catalog, because it implies that--despite the mansions, the money, the cars, the women, the friends, the business ventures, and the fact that he essentially dedicates his art to evaluating his fame--Drake still has to wear all of his chains to make sure he remembers his success. This is apparently something he still needs to be reminded of after writing Take Care.

8. "Don't be fooled by all the money, I'm still young and unlucky." - "Karaoke"


7. "We go to dinner you don't look to me to pay" - "Fancy"

This is meant to be endearing, how the lady Drake is taking out to dinner is apparently "realer" because she doesn't expect him to pick up the tab. While there is some faint sense of progressivism to that, we are talking about a guy who once spent $50,000 at a strip club, and--according to "Started From the Bottom--won't play a live show for less than $500,000. But no, when it comes to food, girl better be splitting the bill.

6. "Came up, that's all me, stayed true, that's all me, no help, that's all me, all me, for real" - "All Me"

Drake is so concerned about the world knowing about his independent solvency, that he literally claims he had "no help." Sorry Birdman, Lil Wayne, Degrassi, and general socio-economic privilege! Drake never needed you!

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