Top 5 Most Expensive Band T-Shirts on Etsy

By Jena Ardell

First, consider yourself lucky If you own one of the following t-shirts; then consider listing it on Etsy. These sellers are expecting mad cash for their rare band tees. Would you pay what they're asking to own one a piece of tour history?

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rainbowgasoline on etsy.
5. Vintage 1985 Husker Du Tour T-Shirt

$1,000.00 (Does not include badass He-Man bedsheets underneath.)

ThriftedIsabelle on etsy.
4. Vintage 1970s Johnny Rotten Sex Pistols Tee Shirt


SouthernVisionary on etsy.
3. Vintage 1971 Allman Brothers Band Silkscreened T-Shirt


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