Turning Iconic Rap Albums Into 8-Bit Video Games With the Belowrez App

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Technical shenanigans courtesy of Belowrez

The Belowrez photo app launched earlier this week. Reversing the trend towards megapixel madness, the app has a simple retro ambit: To turn camera phone pictures into pixellated images reminiscent of 8-bit video game graphics. Which seemed like a sensible cue to follow through with the standard test for all new apps: Run rappers through it. In this case, here are ten recent notable rap album covers given the Belowrez treatment. Wonder no more how the Bawse would have looked fronting up an N.E.S. video game cartridge.

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Action Bronson in the middle of a particularly heated game of Samantha Fox: Strip Poker

A$AP Purp

Kanye's hidden Magic Eye picture really isn't worth the eye strain.

Little Joey's retro fetish taken back to the logical black and white days

Jay-Z's intended magnum opus as he originally designed it -- in BASIC

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