Big Rock Breaks Down His Porn Name and Mustache Game

Big Rock

Editor's note: In Tweets is Watching, Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.

Big Rock (who you might also know as Rockness from Heltah Skeltah) has just signed a deal with the WAR Music label to release his solo debut long-player later this year. In the run up to that, we checked in with Rock to tip-toe through his Twitter talk about star signs, his upcoming role in Atlantic City Chronicles, and the fateful day when he almost burned his mustache in a blunt lighting mishap.

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What's the Atlantic City Chronicles?
That's a series I did, an acting gig. It's an adult series -- not adult like in porn -- so like a mature rated R series about Atlantic City. It's something along the lines of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, that's how I've heard people describe it. I got a nice role in there.

What's the role?
My name is Scarecrow Peterson in the movie. I'm the black guy. There's like Italians and Latins and different races going on in the mix of corruption that's going on in the city and then you have the black guy.

Can you remember the first time you went to Atlantic City?
Yeah, not much happened! First time I was in Atlantic City we did a show there that was poppin'.

Do you gamble?
Nah, I'm not a gambler. I gamble every day walking out of the house. I would rather give my money away than to lose it like that.

Can you break down your porn name?
Yeah, a long time ago I heard that everybody has a porn name if you combine the name of your first pet with the name of the first street you lived on. That's your porn name. In that case my name would be Brown Sackman.

What sort of pet was Brown?
He was a dog, a chow-chow.

What was Brown's personality like?
He was an asshole. I mean, he was cool, he passed before he got to be a complete adult. Brown was a bit of a clown. He had jokes. He was real cute as a puppy but he got old and became an asshole, but it's all good.

What do you remember about growing up on Sackman Street?
It's the projects, man! I remember everything about growing up on Sackman Street.

What was summer like when you were a kid there?
As a kid I was on punishment for half of the summer and I couldn't go outside 'cause my moms wasn't having that bullshit and I was doing a lot of bullshit. There was always some shit to do and because I was on punishment I missed that shit so by the time I got off punishment I was dying to do some shit, you understand what I'm saying? So I would do some shit and end up on punishment again. It was a messy cycle.

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