The Five Biggest Egos in EDM

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Timothy Norris
By Natasha Miller

One imagines that when you're standing behind the decks at a massive concert, a solitary king ruling over an undulating sea of adoring fans, it's hard not to feel a surge of absolute power and control. After all, you're the DJ, the person in charge of sonically and spiritually guiding thousands of people towards BPM enlightenment and securing a place in their hearts, at least until the next mega-fest.

There are tons of perks that come with the worldwide adoration of EDM superstardom. But thanks to social media, we're seeing the consequences of this nonstop jetsetting party lifestyle, and sometimes the results can be a bit, well, douchey. Here's a list of DJs who may want to keep their publicists on speed dial.

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Credit: Heather Shaughnessy
5. Calvin Harris

This Scottish poster boy for beat-funded bacchanalia has become an absolute pro at archiving his splendor with the perfect Instagram filter. Replete with celebrity hobnobbing, yacht-related selfies and what appears to be a love affair with the step-and-repeat, Harris' social media feed proves he is clearly no stranger to life's luxuries. And thanks to the new 15 seconds of fury that is Instagram video, Harris is perfecting the art of the "moving selfie".

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