Mr. Len's Guide to Surviving a Catfish Situation and a Zombie Apocalypse

Photo via Mr. Len's Instagram

Editor's note: In Tweets is Watching, Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.

Mr Len recently released The Marvels of Yestermorrow, a project that he guarantees is "the most comedy you'll get from an instrumental record ever." On the basis of his fine Twitter talk, we believe him. Here's Len studiously explaining how to deal with the impending zombie pizza delivery guy apocalypse, a real life Catfish situation, and how he's invented a revolutionary cinema snack.

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Who is the zombie delivery guy?
Yesterday, I was going to the pizza spot and I saw this delivery guy and he was limping a little crazier than normal and I looked down at his leg and he had duct tape around his pant leg! So I said, "Hey, man, how you doing?" He just said, "Eeurgh." What the fuck? So I thought to myself, "This guy might be a zombie." When I've ordered food from there before and he delivers it he never really says much, he just shows me the receipt. Even when he speaks it's mad monotone and groaning. He's obviously not like a special person, you know, there's just something wrong with this guy.

Is he any good as a delivery person?
You know, when your job is really to drive to the location and hand the food over, it's hard to be bad. He doesn't have to cook the food. Which is good 'cause all he would cook would be brains and no one would want to eat that except maybe him.

You don't think there's a chance that zombies might be good cooks?
I'm gonna go ahead and say no; I think that zombies make horrible chefs. First, 'cause they only have brains on the brain and, while it did look really delicious when Hannibal cooked it in that movie, I just don't think we're ready to have a brain as a pizza topping.

If the zombie pizza guy tried to attack you, how would you fend him off?
Well, I always thought that zombies are not the best runners in the world and I feel that people get caught by zombies 'cause they get overwhelmed by how many of them there are. So because there's only one I'm pretty sure I can outrun him.

Is there any chance of the zombie pizza guy getting a cameo on your next musical project?
It's funny you should say that because I was trying to think of how I could work him into doing something without actually telling him, like having cameras on him.

That could be bad karma.
Yeah, and I think that he'd probably have a really good zombie lawyer. When I think of all the brains they absorb, something has to stick.

So is it fair to say Mr. Len is prepared for a zombie backlash?
I am absolutely prepared. I have axes, bats with nails in them, you know, all the good skull-crushing apparel and weapons you need.

Which rappers would you call on to help you fend off a wave of zombies?
I'd think about the rappers where I don't think zombies necessarily want to eat their brains, you know? Like KRS-One is way too smart, it would be overwhelming; the zombies would be like, "Nah, I don't want to have to do all that thinking." They'll stay away from KRS so I'd hang out with him. Then someone like Suge Knight who knows he's going to beat the shit out of someone he can beat the shit out of. He might be a good move. Then also M.O.P. 'cause if their songs are anything like how they are in real life with the guns I think we'd pretty much be saved.

That sounds like an effective zombie militia you have there.
And speaking of "The Militia," Freddie Foxxx absolutely! Good call there, thank you, you can be protected by the zombie militia.

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