The 10 Most WTF Moments In VMA History

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This Sunday, the MTV Video Music Awards come to Brooklyn and are sure to make us LOL, say "OMG," and definitely go WTF!?!?! To celebrate, we've compiled a list of the 10 most WTF moments in VMA history.

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10. Britney Spears Humiliates the Vienna Philharmonic
In what was supposed to be a thrilling mash-up of pop and classical music, Britney Spears turned her performance of "I'm a Slave 4 U" with the Vienna Philharmonic into an uncomfortable and unforgettable moment. "Stop, stop, stop!" she shouted at the 104-member orchestra. "I know you dipshits are used to playing Haydn and other elementary school garbage, but this is a courante. That means 3/4ths time, fuck-o's, or do I have to spell it out for you?"

She then grabbed the viola out of the first chair's hands and performed a perfect pizzicato section of "I'm a Slave 4 U." "Is that so hard, shit-for-brains?"

Later, lead conductor Pierre Boulez told reporters, "Ms. Spears was absolutely right and I hope she accepts my apology on behalf of the entire Vienna Philharmonic."

9. Beetle Bailey Wins Best Hip-Hop Video
For years, MTV was accused of willfully ignoring rap and hip-hop while treating it like a less valid form of music. This was exacerbated in 1999 when the network gave the first ever Best Hip-Hop Video award to Beetle Bailey.

The fact that the comic strip--which lampoons life on an Army base and features the widely loved characters Private Beetle Bailey and Sergeant Snorkel--won this award led many to believe that MTV didn't even know what hip-hop was and that they were content with taking a complete shot in the dark.

For its part, Beetle Bailey shrugged off the controversy and is still syndicated in newspapers nationwide.

8. Bono Makes a Rare Public Appearance
The notoriously shy and reclusive U2 frontman shocked the world in 2004 when he appeared on stage at the VMAs to present the award for Best Group Video. "Hi," he whispered into the mic before nervously shuffling into the wings. Shortly afterwards, Bono's representative sent out a press release that merely said, "Bono wishes you would respect his privacy. Bono doesn't like attention."

He hasn't been seen in public since.

7. Andrew Dice Clay Correctly Predicts Every Super Bowl Result (So Far)
During the 1989 VMAs, the controversial comic went off-script with an odd, almost tourettic tangent. "The Diceman" rattled off football teams and scores. It wasn't realized until years later that he was actually predicting correct Super Bowl results.

"San Francisco 55, Denver 10--OH! New York Giants 20, Buffalo 19--BADABING! Washington 37, Buffalo 24--YO!" He stopped ominously after what would be the 2017 Super Bowl before snapping out of his haze and frantically asking where he was.

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