Brown Bag AllStars' J57 Has a Dog Named Suri, Is the King of Finding Vinyl on the Street

[Editor's note: In Tweets is Watching, Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.]

J57 holds it down as part of the Brown Bag AllStars crew, but earlier this week he released a full-length project in tandem with Blame One. Titled Walk In The Sun, the album has also birthed a video for the track "How Much Time's Left." Being that the two artists originally met via Twitter, it seemed appropriate to rummage through J57's timeline. Here's his vital chat on vinyl hunts with Marco Polo, his all-star hip-hop apartment moving team, and the likelihood of a Brown Bag AllStars podcast.

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What's the story behind the pic of you and Marco Polo and a car full of used vinyl?
"Ha, that literally just happened an hour ago! Marco has been looking out for me for a bunch of years in getting me vinyl once he's done with it, like he'll sample a record and then pass it on. It's been beyond an honor. He's the greatest dude ever. That's bean an ongoing thing then, like he'll say, "You want some records?" So he told me he was gonna scoop up some records, asked if I wanted to roll with him, and I actually had my girl's car today to do a bunch of errands 'cause I'm moving. So we filled up the trunk with all these crazy crates of insane records. He hooked me up with a couple of incredible records I can't wait to dive into.

Does your girl know you're using her car to pick up records and not help moving?
Well, she has a bunch of stuff to do that's move-related and it really did turn into a last minute thing [with Marco] as I was around his area and it worked out. But, yeah, after that we got some food and she called me to see if I'd hired the movers yet, which I hadn't... I'm sure she'll see it on Instagram and she'll definitely recognize her jeep. So, yeah, I didn't do what I was supposed to do, but I just did hire the movers right before you called!

Which rappers would make great movers?
You know, I was really contemplating hitting up Torae, like I'll pay you a bunch of money if you move the entire apartment by yourself. But I would say like Freddie Foxxx too. If I had to get movers and they had to be rappers, I would really get Torae and I don't know Freddie Foxxx at all so I couldn't hit him up, but he would be great.


Where did you find the speakers on the sidewalk?
Oh, that was cool. I was taking my dog Suri for a walk like a week ago and doing my rounds, doing the streets she likes to walk down, and I saw that from far away and thought it looked cool, like an album cover. I stopped, took the picture. I live right now on 81st Street in Brooklyn, and that was on 82nd where my dog loves to walk.

Did your dog try and pee on the speakers?
It's funny, I expected that. I thought she was trying to do that, but she just sniffed them. She's a good girl.

What's the strangest thing you've seen left on the sidewalk in New York?
I definitely seen people throw out really weird stuff, but I can't really recall it. But I've definitely gotten tons of records from people just throwing them out. I'm talking about records that I used in '06 that are coming out now. I've found records in the street six years ago and they've been golden to me.

Was it the same dog?
Yep! Only dog I've ever had. She's good, like a co-producer on some songs.

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