Big Freedia's Guinness World Record Twerk-A-Thon Explained (NSFW)

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All photos: Laura June Kirsch
Twerking. In the future, it will be used as currency. It will be a tool used to combat world hunger. Twerking will be used to broker peace deals. It will end poverty. In these early days of Twerk Mania, it's hard to understand what it will become, especially given very few of us understand it. That's because, to the uninitiated, the chatter surrounding Twerking only recently got loud enough for them to hear, and much of that chatter has been ill-informed.

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In short: Forget Miley. To hear the Truth About Twerking you need to tilt your ear toward the Queen Diva Big Freedia, an OG New Orleans bounce artist who arrived at mid-town Manhattan's Herald Square yesterday to set a Guinness World Record of twerkers twerking simultaneously, and shift the Twerk focus back to where it Twerk belongs: Squarely on her shoulders. We've got a slideshow gallery of yesterday's record setting event, which was done in part to promote Freedia's upcoming reality show, Queen of Bounce, which premieres Oct. 2 on Fuse. But those photos may require further explanation. If you need to know what the hell it is you're looking at, we're here to help.

This is Big Freedia, the Queen Diva. ("EXCUSE!") She is a New Orleans-based Bounce artist (sometimes referred to as "Sissy Bounce") with songs that have appropriate twerk titles like "Azz Everywhere" and "Y'all Get Back Now." The New Orleans Bounce scene can best be explored by visiting the website of the Where That At Nola project, a joint venture from our good friend and photographer Aubrey Edwards and New Orleans Times-Picayune writer Alison Fensterstock.. They started WTA in 2010 (back when Miley Cyrus looked like this), and tweking and the bounce scene date some 15 years prior. That site is your best thorough Bounce resource, but Big Freedia has offered quick tutorials of the scene for various outlets over the years. Or, uh, you can see Diplo--largely responsible for Twerking's explosion into the mainstream--explore the Bounce genre here.

And now, some Twerking...

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