The Pixies - Bowery Ballroom - 9/17/13

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Overheard: "Is that Kim?! I'm pretty sure that's Kim!" I'm pretty sure you were talking about Kim Shattuck, the new touring bassist for The Pixies who you may have seen with The Muffs and The Pandoras, as opposed to Kim Deal, the bassist for The Pixies who officially left the band earlier this summer. To say Kim "left" The Pixies is a bit of a head-scratcher, not because she's no longer working with them, but because the band has already broken up and gotten back together for a slew of reunion shows since they officially parted ways in 1993. Is a band ever really complete again once it's fractured without the pedestal of nostalgia? Her departure is a sad one, absolutely, but Deal is moving on with a solo career, and The Pixies are moving on without her. Both seem to be doing just fine. (Also, if you thought that was Kim Deal, google The Pixies on your phone, guy--the Kims look nothing alike.)

Random Notebook Dump: Major Lazors. "Whoever designed The Pixies' stage set-up, a serious tip o' the hat in your direction, because the combination of disco ball/industrial overhead lighting/geometric paneling made for a perfect backdrop for the modest-yet-facemelting milieu.

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