Mr. Show's Five Finest Music Moments

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Bob and David! (And Brian)
Tonight, September 12th, Mr. Show alumnus Bob Odenkirk and David Cross play Town Hall While some of you youngins may be more familiar with their work as Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad and Tobias of Arrested Development respectively,  once upon a time they were the heart and soul of one of the finest sketch shows America's ever produced. In honor of their reuniting on stage tonight, we've assembled our five all time favorite Mr. Show musical moments.

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Fat Camp - Monastery Rap Battle

The punchline to one of the show's longest sketches, the fourth season classic rap battle between the Daili Lama (or is that Dolly Llama) monastery and the fat kids' camp at the conclusion of the Summer Olympican is also one of the show's most memorable crescendos. According to legend, Flava Flav was originally set to be the fat kids' ringer, but refused to do the sketch unless he won. Luckily, the wonderfully named and wholly fictitious Professor Murder took his place.

Marilyn Mozzaerella's Pizzarella Pie Parlour
Immediately following the quick gag of a Christian New Wave band called 2001 A New Wave Godessey comes this brilliant employee training video from Marilyn Mozzaerella's Pizzarella Pie Parlour. One of the first Marilyn Manson parodies to really register (allegedly written after Cross an Odenkirk found out Manson was a fan of the show), Cross' portrayal as an affable performance artist regular Joe is the stuff of legend. Just make sure you don't forget the 16 Ps to Success.

Jeepers Creepers: Semi-Star

Tackling a short-form musical might seem like an ambitious undertaking for a sketch show, but after the wild success of their previous season's Milk Machine Musical, there's no doubt the show would find a harmonious masterwork in Jeepers Creepers: Semi-Star. Lead by a young Jack Black, the sketch walks the line between loving tribute and razor sharp skewering of Andrew Lloyd Webster style psychedelic musicals.

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