Things to do in Bed-Stuy When You're Dead

The car service driver just beeped his horn and I manage to gather my things and hop in the cab without leaving anything important behind. Brooklyn zips past my window and before I know it I'm at the Flatbush Zombies' lair. I text Erick "Arc" Elliot, who rounds out the three man Zombie squad as a producer/rapper. I'm outside.

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After a minute the door opens up, and Elliott stands there looking a bit rumpled. He mumbles an apology for the four or five flights of stairs we have to endure. As we get closer to their floor the aroma of burning Fronto leaf and weed gradually gets stronger. When we enter the apartment Meech Darko is leaning on a black leather couch playing NBA 2K13.


Zombie Juice is dialing up some pizza delivery. His phone voice is so exaggeratedly proper he's got the rest of us laughing, which is cool because it kind of kills any awkwardness having a writer around may have caused. Instead, deep chuckles permeate through the clean but sparsely furnished living room because Juice facilitating the pizza order sounds something like:

"So what type of beverages do you have, hmmmmmm?"

"Can you make that a margherita pie, hmmmmm?"

"And do you think I can I have the total please, hmmmmm?"

I sit next to Meech on the couch and comment that it's surprising that they're not playing GTA V since that's all I (and every other GTA freak) did all weekend. "Nah, I need about two hours of not playing GTA right now," he says as he selects his team. "Besides I already beat it on some nerd shit. I had time because I'm just enjoying some time off before the tour [on October 10th]. I almost feel like I'm on vacation."


Meech chooses the Miami Heat, and is laying the groundwork in the first quarter for a fairly thorough thrashing of Elliott and Juice's Portland Trailblazers. There's lots of shit talk. Meech takes a puff off a blunt being passed, not bothering to pause the game. The Trailblazers take advantage and score. "That's the only way you're getting highlights," he says fully confident that he'll win. "When I'm getting passed the joint."

As a joint makes its rounds and Meech conducts his 2K13 clinic, the high starts to set in. I start thinking about Clyde Drexler and wonder why he's been bald since he was a rookie. Or has he? Didn't he have a 'fro at first? I Google him to verify and do an honest to God double take when I see we have the same birthday. Or am I high? A triple take seals it. We do share the same birthday. Random. I ponder what the universe is trying to communicate to me as I put out the doob. The ashtray is a cool shape. I take a picture of it.

I take a picture of a Sega Genesis. I take a picture of a Super Nintendo. I take a picture of an N64. More people arrive. More weed is smoked.



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