The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 10/11/13

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Catch the Meat Puppets at Brooklyn Bowl this Saturday night
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Friday, 10/11:

Brandon Seabrook & Mary Halvorson
Roulette Brooklyn
8 p.m., $20
Gonna be a big one. Two of town's most inspired guitarists bring their leftie POVs to a room that breeds experimentation. Seabrook can be high-flying, with a fearless blitzkrieg approach. Halvorson is as sneaky as they come, twirling her lines in a way that lassos you before even realize she's got a rope in her hand. There's always a mix-and-match mentality to these kind of things, but I bet their hijinks find a lot of common ground. -- By Jim Macnie

Zevious + Sonar
ShapeShifter Lab
8 p.m., $8
Brooklyn's Shapeshifter has already established itself as a haven for jazz-metal, but now NYC forward-thinkers Zevious enter into the fray: The trio's deconstruction of the Minutemen's jazz-damaged punk, Nels Cline avant-guitar godliness, and Behold The Arctopus-like tech-metal precision converge head on on Passing Through The Wall, the trio's just-dropped second record. Zevious's compositions are punk-jazz yet tight and complexities are abound with metallic underpinnings. Prepare to have your brain fried on sick riffage and drums assault. -- By Brad Cohan

Hanni El Khatib + Bass Drum of Death
Bowery Ballroom
9 p.m., $15
After spending a good amount of time as a creative director at the skateboarding/clothing company HUF, Hanni El Khatib decided to pursue music as a career instead of a hobby. Taking his expertise in the fields of marketing and design to the helm of a new label, Innovative Leisure, he helps promote other bands on the label while simultaneously putting out gritty, throwback rock that sounds black and blue instead of punk. His sophomore album Head in the Dirt presents a raucous, unapologetic ride through blues with revved guitars and walls of drums. -- By Caitlin White

Saturday, 10/12:

Meat Puppets
Brooklyn Bowl
8 p.m., $12
The Meat Puppets are one of those bands whose omnipresence and influence within alternative music can't be missed: From Nirvana to Pavement, this cowpunk band and early SST Records signee, fronted by Phoenix's Kirkwood brothers, have been unapologetically themselves since the early '80s. This year, they released their fourteenth album, Rat Farm, which stays true to their psychedelic form and exemplifies why they've been able to continue being as pervasive as they have been all these years. -- By Brittany Spanos

The Mercury Lounge
10:30 p.m., $12
This aptly monikered young California trio--consisting of Roland Cosio (bass), Charlie Moothart (guitar), and prolific garage-psych overachiever Ty Segall (drums, vocals)--revives the meth-fueled blast furnace of early Blue Cheer. Moothart has Leigh Stephens's overdriven, underappreciated sound down pat on the band's debut, a half-hour of unironic existential caterwaul that also nods to Sabbath, Hawkwind, Mountain, and their pileous ilk. -- By Richard Gehr

Location Info


Roulette Brooklyn

509 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

ShapeShifter Lab

18 Whitwell Place, New York, NY

Category: Music

Bowery Ballroom

6 Delancey St., New York, NY

Category: Music

Brooklyn Bowl

61 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

The Mercury Lounge

217 E. Houston St., New York, NY

Category: Music

Webster Hall

125 E. 11th St., New York, NY

Category: Music

Rockwood Music Hall

196 Allen St., New York, NY

Category: General


85 Ave. A, New York, NY

Category: Music

Village Vanguard

178 Seventh Ave., New York, NY

Category: Music

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