Cheap Laughs: The Best Alt and Indie Comedy of the Week

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Leighann Lord performs at Identity Bar & Lounge this Friday

Halloween is coming up: do you have your comedy costume ready? Confuse trick-or-treaters by dressing as Richard Pryor on fire, Chris Farley eating, or the most terrifying sight in comedy... Carlos Mencia being himself. But there is no need to fear terrible, zombie jokes this week. Once again,we've scoured the city's juke-joints and dives to find the week's best independent comedy shows. We assure you: these gigs are 100% candy, with little to no razor blades.

Wednesday, October 9th

Slack Butthole
The Charleston, 8 p.m. Free.
A crudely named show in a gloriously filthy bar, host Eli Yudin's "Slack Butthole Show" stinks up Williamsburg's go-to punk dive The Charleston every Wednesday. This week, L.A. comedian Ron Babcock swings through, along with gourmand comic Tim Dillon and the delightfully weird Julio Torres.

Thursday, October 10th

Tiny Comedy Club
266 West 37th Street (btw 7th and 8th Ave). Details here. Free.
This is so insanely weird, we can't NOT write about it. Brooklyn comedian Jo Firestone has created a very tiny comedy club where the audience is a crowd of thirty baby dolls, equipped with the ability to laugh. Anyone off the street can come in and perform, and experience the feeling of getting laughs from the easiest-to-please audience in comedy history. It's creepy, brilliant, and unmissable. The exhibit is open daily until the 26th. See website for details.

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