Common Misconceptions About Being in a Band

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S.C. Axman
You should probably just stick to the video game version of being in a band, really.
For some dumb reason, everyone wants to be in a rock band. Probably because it's a good way to avoid gazing into the inescapable black hole of painful loneliness. That and rock & roll kicks ass, and gets you chicks or dudes or money or something.

The problem with rock music (aside from the talentless assholes with money) is that people don't seem to understand what playing it is really like. Effectively convincing people what being in a band "should actually be" would take a number of expensive hallucinogens and months of intense brain deprogramming. Instead of that, we made a list for you to argue with. Here are a few common misconceptions about what it means to be in a band.

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Being in a Band Makes You Cool
Being in a band generally turns nice people into jaded, bored, reclusive pricks. Or even worse -- egomaniacal assholes. Something about totally failing to achieve expectations or receiving constant attention and affirmation seems to have a negative effect on the average human's brain.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice doesn't make perfect. Touring and playing for completely unfamiliar crowds makes perfect. Playing through other people's gear because yours is broken makes perfect. Being too drunk to play your own songs makes perfect. Practice makes predictability, and predictability is boring. Do yourself and your band a favor, and in the words of Bill Hicks, "play from the fucking heart."
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Angelo J. Falanga
Angelo J. Falanga

The Village Voice has some nerve to talk about groupies when they owe their current survival to sex trafficking on thir back pages

Angelo J. Falanga
Angelo J. Falanga

Remember, this is a publication that survives off pornographers to exploit you

Angelo J. Falanga
Angelo J. Falanga

That's because no one has told your sorry generation the timelines have expired and there's no direct connection between plucking strings and creating art anymore. Frank Stokes 1954-2010

Murat Odabasi
Murat Odabasi

"While meaningless sex and greasy food are two things to be regularly enjoyed while trashed, rarely do you feel awesome about yourself the next day." its so true..

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