Drake - Barclays Center - 10/28/13

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Drake at Barclays. Photo by Laura June Kirsch.

Better Than: Bad decisions

If you're Drake, and it's your birthday, and you're celebrating with a sold-out show at Barclays Center with "friends and family" that include Busta Rhymes, Jamie Foxx, and the A$AP Mob, and your mottos are YOLO and HYFR, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Which is exactly what Drizzy Drake did last night on the New York stop of his Would You Like a Tour?: right before "305 to My City" off his recently-released sophomore effort Nothing Was the Same, he ascended from the stage on a giant circular catwalk suspended about twenty feet above the floor. He then spent 15 or so minutes moving from one side of the arena to the other, shouting out to members of the audience.

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"I see you with the Big Dog shirt on," "I see you section 209," "Guy in the Comme des Garcon sweatshirt and shit, are you on a couples outing? Is this a date?" "Look at those Wall Street motherfuckers. They call each other up like, 'Dude, you got your button-up and your briefcase for the Drake show tonight?" Quite frankly, it seemed like a waste of time he could've used giving us our money's worth, until Aubrey Drake Graham was standing right above our craned necks. You could see the soles of his Air Jordans. Not the same as getting a vaguely personalized shout-out, but thrilling nonetheless.

Drake puts on a spectacular show that's only gotten bigger, better, and admittedly a bit more heavy-handed with time. During set closer "Started From the Bottom," for example, he climbed to the top of another circular walkway onstage–he even assumed a Jesus-on-the-cross position while holding the ladder railings to descend backstage–and during "Hold On We're Going Home," he was projected onto giant screens in back of him, bathed in puffy clouds and biblical light.

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