Drake Came Out in His "Hold On, We're Going Home" Video and Nobody Noticed

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Recently, Drake dropped the video for his hit "Hold On, We're Going Home." But the message of the video was lost on the American public because too much other shit was happening (it's fall TV premiere season!) The video's significance--along with its social coding and Drake's brilliant non-acting--deserves closer analysis.

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In his video, Drake welcomes the audience into a gaudy 1985-world in which he's surrounded by metrosexual men before men were metrosexual and blurred-out females (aka Drake's paradise). The manner in which the men are arranged around the table--in huddled groups sipping champagne and at a distance from the other-gendered--and the exclusivity with which one of Drake's men (portrayed here by ASAP Rocky) announces that it's not good to talk about whatever "business" they're conducting in front of the women clearly illustrates what's really going on here.


Meanwhile, Drake's "fiancee" is at his "home" preparing for something that obviously isn't Drake's celebration party at the club everyone else is at. She looks in the mirror and gets kidnapped, conveniently freeing Drake up for a special adventure with his femme-bros.


After getting a call that his fiancee has been kidnapped, Drake goes home (with his men close behind him) and takes a brief moment to himself in front of a wall. Drake stands in a stiff silence and seizes the opportunity to practice his empathetic acting face.


Speaking of Drake's backers, this is the best scene in music video history: never before has someone wearing bright red Toms walked into a room bursting with this much illegal artillery. But the historicity of Drake's video doesn't end at the room's threshold, because the exploration of the gigantic gun wing of his home is also symbolic of Drake's own journey to show his growing affinity for gun-related phallic power. It is a gracious glance at his most personal diary pages.

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