Frightened Rabbit - Webster Hall - 10/25/13

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Alexandria Ethridge
Better Than: A studio recording can do justice.

Friday night, amidst the beginning of the weekend's pre-Halloween festivities, the spookiest sight of all may be the tame and friendly set from two power-folk bands in lower Manhattan.With an unmistakable Springsteen-energy, Frightened Rabbit and openers Augustines growled and earnestly played their way through their second Webster Hall set of the week and kept the night's fare as light and lovely as possible.

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Alexandria Ethridge
Openers and Brooklyn-native Augustines play with a welcoming intensity, and their set played a soft/loud dichotomy well. Lead singer Billy McCarthy may be the nicest frontman in the biz as he very genuinely and graciously thanked the audience and his friends multiple times throughout the night before veering back into his much more guttural singing voice. Latest single "Cruel City" bounced like a Vampire Weekend hit and naturally felt like the freshest joint of their set. However, piano ballad "Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Live)" stung in the best way, and when McCarthy took a moment to hug drummer Rob Allen, many "aww"'s were rightfully delivered.

Scotland's Frightened Rabbit, performing to a sold-out crowd, are fresh off a tour with The National, and it's apparent. They carry themselves with the same sorrowful massiveness the larger band purports on-stage. FR started their set off with the driving and striking "Holy" from this year's Pedestrian Verse.

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