New Yorkers Remember Lou Reed

Flowers for Lou outside the Chelsea Hotel yesterday
When news broke yesterday afternoon of Lou Reed's passing, the inevitable torrent of Tweets followed shortly thereafter. It's now a common part of the "famous person dead" cycle, folks far and wide remembering their first encounter with the recently deceased's work in 140 characters snippets. But this was different. Especially here in New York City, where he was king, we started noticing many of the tweets had a personal strain: people in NYC were telling tales of running into him here -- outside Veselka, at a bar playing pool, sitting next to him at a show. What's more, many were tweeting about Lou and Velvet Underground's music being the reason they decided to move here to begin with. They used his lyrics as a road map of sorts to navigate the big, bad city. In total, it's a moving tribute to a man and the city he embodied.

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I saw him outside the Keith Richards NY Public Library event in Oct 2010; he was shaking like a ninety-year old Jewish grandmother. Surprised he held on for another three years. RIP Lou.


the depth and insights of his lyrics are up there with john lennon and bob dylan; what a career; may his soul be delivered to a peaceful place 



How many Lou Reeds are there?lol

Everybody sees the guy the moment they get to a city of 8 million?lol

RIP  Sir.

Thank you for giving the world The Velvet Underground,and so much more.

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