Talking Spooky Stuff With Lita Ford

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On the Dark Side: "I do believe in the supernatural. I toured with Blackmore's Rainbow. Richie [Blackmore] was very into séances and if his hotel room equaled 13, he wouldn't stay in that room. He would always have his back to the wall. He would say weird things, like, 'Lita, I want you to write this down, don't tell me what it is, then tear it up in little pieces and throw it into the fire.' We'd be in a hotel lobby with a fireplace, like the Swiss Cottage Holiday Inn in London. So I'd do that, and then he'd tell me exactly what I just wrote. It would be a paragraph, not a sentence. A paragraph! He would do this to me on various occasions. The very first time I ever met him, I went to his house, up the Kings's Road in West Hollywood, and you'd have to park way down at the bottom of the street and go up this big long winding wooden staircase onto his property before you even see his house. When you turn around and look back, you can't see the road. I get to his house, and he says, 'That's a very interesting photograph.' I said, 'What photograph?'' He said, 'The photo on the dashboard of your car.' You can't see the car, let alone that! The photo was inside an envelope, so even if you looked though the window, you still couldn't see that it was a photo and what it was of. Yet he said, 'That photograph of you is very interesting.' I did ask, 'How did you see that?' But he just shook it off and walked away. On tour, he would save séances for the old castles when we toured through Europe, the castles in Scotland and Ireland. He'd stay there and have his séances. I was praying 'Please invite me!' but I never was invited.

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